Fluoride in tap water is making us stupid

A study by Harvard researchers confirmed that fluoride exposure does in fact decrease IQ. The researchers also stated that the results support the possibility of adverse neurodevelopment in children. In fact, in the past, the US government has actually had to call for lower fluoridation levels due to research that suggested neurotoxicity.

Studies on the toxicity of fluoride have often come to similar conclusions; fluoride is bad for your brain, can lead to the development of tumors and can extend permanent damage to the unborn – even in very small amounts. In fact, a study by Dr. Dean Burk in 1977 showed that fluoride accelerated the growth of tumors by 25%. Even the EPA has classified fluoride as a substance with “substantial evidence of developmental neurotoxicity.”

And yet, it is still being added to our water supply, by the government, under the guise of being for our benefit? Do yourself a favor, skip the tap water.



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